Expedited Claim Submissions

The CPF provides four ways for a law firm to expedite the claim submission process through electronic filing.

  1. e-File
    CPF has created a state-of-the art online system for filing claims through its website. The benefits of using e-File are that law firms can enter all the information necessary to submit a claim, including supporting documents, directly through the website. E-File also provides helpful feedback as the claim is being entered to ensure the resulting claim is as complete and accurate as possible.

    Click here to learn more about signing up for and using e-File.

  2. Bulk Upload Template
    For law firms with their own electronic databases of claimant information, CPF’s e-File system offers a Bulk Upload Template in Excel format for submitting many claims to CPF at once. The Bulk Upload Template (instructions found here) is pre-populated with pertinent attorney and Trust information and is a simple process in which a law firm inserts their data into the spreadsheet along with attaching the image files of supporting documents and uploads to CPF.

  3. Web Services Method
    CPF supports claim filing using web services – a data exchange method which allows a law firm’s computer system to directly interact with the Trust database via the internet.

    To use web services, a law firm must program a secure system interface between the law firm’s in-house computer system and CPF’s computer system according to pre-defined system interfaces known as “methods.”

    Law firms can use web services to: file claims, update claims, upload documents, respond to deficiencies, and retrieve claims data.

    To assist law firms in programming their systems for such interactions, the CPF provides detailed specifications and sample code for each method.  Specifications and sample code can be found online at https://efile.cpf-inc.com/help/api/getting-started.html.

  4. Data match Draft Claims (Not all Trust's participate)
    To use this method, a law firm should contact CPF to determine which cases from their claim populations in Trust A should be used to create new claims in Trust B.  This is a simple process during which CPF will provide a list of those claims for which acceptable submission conditions are met.  Those claims will then be created on the e-File system allowing the law firm to view each claim, add any additional information, and edit claim information prior to its review.

    You can reach us at our toll-free number, 888-CPF-EFILE (273-3345), or contact us.