Keene Trust - Claims Resolution and Trust Distribution Procedures (CRDP)

These Keene Asbestos Related Personal Injury Claims Resolution and Distribution Procedures (the “Asbestos Claims Procedures”) have been prepared in connection with the Fourth Amended Plan of Reorganization, as Modified (the “Plan”) of Keene Corporation (“Keene”) confirmed by order of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York (The “Court”), dated June 12, 1996 and the Keene Creditors Trust Agreement (the “Trust Agreement”) filed with the Plan. These Asbestos Claims Procedures provide for processing, liquidating, paying and satisfying all Asbestos-Related Personal Injury Claims (“Personal Injury Claims”) arising as a result of exposure to asbestos materials manufactured and/or sold by Keene as provided in and required by the Plan and the Trust Agreement.

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