Raytech Trust - Approved Job Sites

Employment sites in the following industries will not require independent product verification and identification:

  • Automotive/Mechanical Friction
  • Shipyards, Ship Construction and Ship Repair

For sites in any other industries, independent product identification must be provided.  To independently verify the presence of product for which the Raytech entities are responsible, a claimant may provide invoices, construction or similar records, or by an affidavit of the claimant or affidavits of co-workers or in the case of a deceased claimant, affidavits of family members. Once the presence of an asbestos-containing product for which a Raytech entity is responsible has been sufficiently independently verified at an employment site, this employment site will be placed on the downloadable Approved Job Site List below. 

Click here to download the Raytech Approved Job Site List.             Click here for an Excel listing.