The Claims Processing Facility, Inc. (CPF) provides asbestos claim processing services to the Eagle-Picher Industries Personal Injury Settlement Trust (EPI Trust), the Keene Creditors Trust (Keene Trust), the Raytech Corporation Asbestos Personal Injury Settlement Trust (Raytech Trust) and the UNR Asbestos-Disease Claims Trust (UNR Trust) (collectively, "The Trusts”). The CPF’s services to its Trusts include: claim input, claim review, claim valuation, statutes of limitation administration, filing fee administration, negotiations, release administration, claim payments, trust administration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processing. The CPF’s management works directly with the Trusts’ Executive Directors and Trusts’ Board of Trustees to develop and implement the administrative and operational policies and procedures for the processing of the individual trust claims within the parameters of each Trust’s Distribution Resolution Procedures (TDP).  The CPF is managed by an executive team with extensive financial, managerial and claims processing experience. The CPF’s adaptable and flexible business model and technology, coupled with its team of highly qualified and experienced staff, enables it to meet the needs and challenges of the asbestos personal injury Trust clients and their beneficiaries.