EPI Exposure Requirements

Section 7.1(a) of the Claims Resolution Procedures requires that claimants make a “conclusive demonstration of exposure to an EPI asbestos-containing product.” The EPI Trust has adopted a six-prong test to make this determination. The six elements include:

  • the occupation and description of job duties that led to exposure to EPI asbestos-containing products;
  • a description of the industry where exposed, and how the asbestos-containing product was used in the industry;
  • employer(s) or job site(s) where the exposure occurred;
  • time period employed at each specific job site;
  • the nature of the injured person's exposure to EPI asbestos-containing products, including the frequency of exposure and the duration of exposure; and
  • for non-asbestos manufacturers, all available evidence that conclusively demonstrates the presence of EPI asbestos-containing products at the site of the claimed exposure at the time the claimant worked at the site, including proofs of purchase, credible affidavits of those who purchased products, and identification of others knowledgeable of the products used or installed at the site.