Fairbanks Unqualified Physicians

Section 5.7(a)(2) of the TDP requires that before making any payment to a claimant, the Trust must have reasonable confidence that the medical evidence provided in support of the claim is credible and consistent with recognized medical standards.  The Trust has determined, based on currently available information, that medical reports from certain doctors and medical facilities or screening facilities will not be accepted.  Accordingly, until further notice, the Trust will not accept medical reports from, and will not process claims relying upon medical information from, any of the following doctors or medical facilities:

  •  Dr. Gregory Nayden
  •  Dr. James Ballard
  •  Dr. Kevin Cooper (of Pascagoula, Mississippi)
  •  Dr. Todd Coulter
  •  Dr. Andrew Harron
  •  Dr. Ray Harron
  •  Dr. Glynn Hilbun
  •  Dr. Barry J. Levy
  •  Dr. George Martindale
  •  Dr. W. Allen Oaks
  •  Netherland & Mason, Inc.
  •  Respiratory Testing Services, Inc.
  •  Occupational Diagnostics