Keene Trust - Summary of Claim Filing Instructions

Individuals suffering from asbestos-related injuries that the individual or their representative believes resulted from exposure to Keene Company asbestos products may submit an asbestos injury claim to the Keene Trust c/o Claims Processing Facility, Inc. (CPF). The CPF provides four opportunities for filing asbestos injury claims – hard copy paper submission, electronic filing, bulk upload, or data match. You may obtain a hard copy of the Keene Claim Form here.

The claim form and claim filing instructions should be reviewed carefully prior to claim submission. All paper claim submissions must be mailed or otherwise delivered to the Trust’s claim processor at the following address:

Claims Processing Facility, Inc.
East West Corporate Center
1771 West Diehl Rd., Suite 220
Naperville, Il 60563
Fax: (630) 281-6800

Additionally, once a law firm executes the CPF e-File Agreement, Claimant’s counsel may also file claims electronically, either on an individual basis or through the CPF Batch filing process. Instructions for electronic filing or electronic batch filing are available upon execution of the e-File Agreement. If an e-File Agreement is already on file with the CPF, a new agreement need NOT be executed.

Click here to download the Keene Claim Filing Instructions