EPI Trust Claim Filing Instructions

EPI Trust - Summary of Claim Filing Instructions

When an individual believes he or she is suffering from an asbestos injury resulting from exposure to EPI asbestos–containing products, he or she or their counsel can file a standardized claim form with the EPI Trust. The CPF's infrastructure allows law firms to file paper claims or file claims electronically through a web interface. Pro-se claimants must file paper claims. Valid medical documentation supporting the alleged injury must be attached and submitted with the completed claim form. Additionally, the claim form must be submitted to the CPF within the applicable statute of limitations to be considered for payment.

Option Selections

  • Discounted Cash Payment (DCP)
  • The DCP option is designed, in part, for claimants who can easily be determined by the Trust to have a valid non-malignant injury claim and who wish to have a fixed payment now and a limited release retaining the right to receive a further payment if the injured should subsequently be diagnosed as having an asbestos-related malignancy. The DCP option is also available for malignancy claims in which the claim settlement is also based on a fixed schedule. The payment schedule is a one-time payment as follows:
  • Mesothelioma - $6,500
    Lung Cancer - $2,000
    Other Cancer - $1,000
    Non-malignant - $400
  • Individualized Review Claim (IRC)
  • An IRC claim involves an in-depth review of the claim using basic tort system principles and uses a proprietary claim valuation model to value the claim within settlement ranges for each injury category. Payment of valid IRC claims requires the execution of a full release, either one-payment (70%) or two-payment. The IRC option is designed for claimants with serious or fatal asbestos injuries, but can also be used for other categories of claims.

The claim form and claim filing instructions should be reviewed carefully prior to claim submission. All paper claim submissions must be mailed or otherwise delivered to the Trust’s claim processor at the following address:

Claims Processing Facility, Inc.
East West Corporate Center
1771 West Diehl Rd., Suite 220
Naperville, Il 60563
Fax: (630) 281-6800

Additionally, once a law firm executes the CPF e-File Agreement, Claimant’s counsel may also file claims electronically, either on an individual basis or through the CPF Batch filing process. Instructions for electronic filing or electronic batch filing are available upon execution of the e-File Agreement. If an e-File Agreement is already on file with the CPF, a new agreement need NOT be executed.

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