EPI Unqualified Physicians

Section 7.1(b) of the Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. Personal Injury Settlement Trust Claims Resolution Procedures ("CRP") establishes the mandatory medical criteria for claims allowance and specifically requires "a medical report from a qualified physician that (i) results from a physical examination by that physician and (ii) contains a diagnosis of an asbestos-related disease." Accordingly, the EPI Trust will no longer validate an asbestos personal injury claim with supporting medical documentation issued by the following physicians or facilities:

Dr. James Ballard
Dr. Kevin Cooper (of Pascagoula, Mississippi)
Dr. Todd Coulter
Dr. Andrew Harron
Dr. Ray Harron
Dr. Glynn Hilbun
Dr. Barry J. Levy
Dr. George Martindale
Dr. W. Allen Oaks
Dr. Gregory Nayden
Netherland & Mason, Inc. (N&M, Inc.)
Respiratory Testing Inc. (RTS, Inc.)