Bondex Approved Job Sites

There are two ways to demonstrate that Bondex asbestos-containing products were at a work site:

  1. The claimant worked at a site which is listed on the Trust's approved site list, see below for links.
  2. The claimant can establish through affidavit, invoices, deposition testimony, or other means described below under "Documentation to Support Exposure" that an SPHC Party's asbestos-containing products were used at a particular work site.  A certification of counsel alone is not sufficient to establish product at a particular site.

Documentation to Support Exposure

Where a claimant must demonstrate that Bondex asbestos products were at a site/plant, or where a claimant seeks to demonstrate SOE or company exposure other than by certification of counsel, such evidence may be established by:

  • An affidavit of sworn statement of the injured party (based upon personal knowledge)
  • An affidavit or sworn statement of a co-worker (based upon personal knowledge)
  • An affidavit of sworn statement of a family member (based upon person knowledge)
  • Invoices
  • Employment, construction, or similar records
  • Other credible evidence (this may include documents uploaded to the claim form to further explain exposure information as indicated on the claim form)

Click here to download the Bondex Trust Approved Job Site List.             Click here for an Excel listing.